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The Vikings in Wirral

The Vikings in Wirral is a huge and wide-ranging resource. It contains lots for students and researchers, lots for museum visitors and the general public with an interest in Vikings in Wirral. There is a special section for children and teachers in Wirral.

There’s lots of map work, supporting geography and settlement studies with an investigation into the distribution of Viking place names in Wirral. The site is very supportive of the development of children’s literacy skills, having as it does, voice overs for all the text on screen, built in glossaries, and careful attention to language levels.

The site supports development of ICT skills through navigation through the menus, drag and drop learning games and more and there's plenty of support for developing creativity and linked, holistic learning through the curriculum.

You will find the whole programme is organised through a series of key historical questions, and arranged in small chunks, providing a focus for children’s learning.

The site will introduce you to Ingimund and the stories and adventures of Wirral’s Viking settlers.

So join us on a Journey of Discovery...



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