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Wirral Schemes of Work (Primary)

The National Curriculum for England Key Stages 1 - 2

This booklet:

  • Sets out legal requirements of the National Curriculum in England for physical education
  • Provides information to help teachers implement physical education in schools

It has been written for coordinators, subject leaders and those who teach physical education, and is one of a series of separate booklets for each National Curriculum subject.

The National Curriculum for pupils aged five to 11 is set out in the handbook for primary teachers.

The National Curriculum for pupils aged 11 to 16 is set out in the handbook for secondary teachers.

All these publications, and materials that support the teaching, learning and assessment of physical education, can be found on the National Curriculum web site at www.nc.uk.net

To order a booklet: Phone: 01787 884288

Primary QCA Units of Work

Who's it for?

Teachers at key stage 1 and 2, ITT physical education departments.

What's it about?

This optional scheme of work illustrates how the National Curriculum programme of study for Physical education at Key stages 1 and 2, and the attainment target, can be translated into practical plans.

Registered material: The National Curriculum for England

What's it for?

To show how physical education may be taught to children in primary schools.

Refer to www.standards.dfee.gov.uk/schemes for QCA Units of Work.




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